Home again, home again….

Yesterday, I arrived home from a two day business trip, and was greeted with the wonderful smell of peppermint when I walked through the door!  Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is one of the oldest and most effective herbs for digestion issues.  For me, the diffused oil is uplifting and helps me feel more alert.  I took a sample bottle with me on my trip and sniffed it several times during a meeting that lasted several hours.  Peppermint is used in a number of Young Living products because of its varied properties.  When I find myself in the midst of a food craving episode, sniffing peppermint will often put me in my place and get me past that craving!  A few weeks ago, I had acid reflux after going to bed.  I got up and added a couple of drops to a little jojoba oil and applied it to my esophagus and upper chest areas, and experienced very rapid relief! (Much better than chewing chalky tablets, huh?)  If you have a favorite use for peppermint, post it in our comments!

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