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Young Living Thieves

Day 9 of our “getting to know your starter kit challenge,”and we open the bottle of Thieves. This has to be one of the all time favorites when it comes to Young Living essential oils. It is so versatile, with so many uses that it is used throughout our house. In addition to using the oil both topically and in a diffuser, we use most of the other Thieves products to keep ourselves healthy, and our house clean.

Young Living offers a wide selection of natural products that can totally replace all of your regular, toxic containing cleaning products! Contact us for more information.


Well tickle my feet!

Friends are amazed (and slightly puzzled) when we tell them that we apply most of our oils to the bottoms of our feet.  Here is why we do that.  In each foot, there are over 7,000 nerve endings (reflex points) that correlate to every organ and system in our bodies.  The science of Reflexology is one way to “activate” sluggish or blocked channels in the nervous system.  Likewise, the large pores in the soles of our feet are effective portals for applying essential oils.  Our bodies are amazing – and we rely on this method to move the benefits of the oils to the spot that needs attention.  For instance, we apply Valor to our big toes before bedtime – the points on the big toes correspond to the head and neck.  Interestingly, we have both experienced a dramatic improvement in the “noise of sleep” (aka snoring).  Most nights, there are no noises – on occasion, only a soft “purring” in place of the former “roof rattling”!  We also apply Cedarwood to the bottoms of our feet, resulting in a deep, peaceful sleep (usually full of interesting dreams).  Thieves applied to the soles of our feet is a good way to protect us from various germs that are readily shared by others this time of year.  We also use Thieves hand cleaner and spray, and we diffuse the oil most days to provide an additional defense.  We love the aroma of Thieves, so it’s a pleasant oil to sniff when we’re at home.  So, tickle our feet!  We’re loving the benefits!

‘Tis The Season

As we move into the cooler, and then colder months, it appears that a lot of advertising and media coverage focuses on the common cold and flu.

With that in mind, we are focused on regular hand washing, fist bumps instead of handshakes, and the regular use of our Young Living Thieves products. We use the Thieves essential oil in our diffuser, Thieves foaming hand soap, Thieves hand cleanser in our car, and overall, feel a lot better for doing so.

So, take a look at the Young Living Thieves range of products, and use them, and common sense, as we move through this part of the year. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.