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Once in a while, our carpets need “freshening up,” so here is a great recipe.

Combine 12 drops of Young Living’s Lavender essential oil with 1 oz baking soda. Mix well and then sprinkle the mixture over carpets. Let sit for 15-20 minutes, then vacuum it up.

It also helps keep the vacuum bag and/or filter smelling fresh too.

Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona

The Swiss Army Knife

As many people already know, a Swiss Army knife has many attachments and many uses.

We view our Young Living Lavender essential oil as the “Swiss Army Knife” of all essential oils, without the attachments! It can be used for a variety of purposes but I think my favorite use is to put a couple of drops on each wrist at bedtime, I always seem to sleep better.
Another favorite is to add to the bath just before bedtime, inhale the Lavender aroma and let it work its magic on your skin.


Itchy Scalp

Someone asked a couple of days ago about a shampoo that might assist with easing an itchy scalp. Here is our suggestion. Use an organic shampoo of your choice, adding 10 drops of Lavender and 10 drops of Peppermint. Shake well before each use and leave shampoo in hair for the duration of your shower, rinse well. 





Lavender:  Lavendula angustifolia

I fell in love with lavender at first sight.  The plants themselves are beautiful and the fragrance is heavenly!  Bees and butterflies are drawn to the aromatic blossoms, so the beauty of nature is expanded in the garden setting.  From a pot on the porch to acres and acres of rows of lavender, the visual and olfactory senses are stimulated by this wondrous botanical!

For me, lavender is balancing.  Just inhaling the fragrance brings me to a calm, relaxed state almost immediately.  I put a few drops in my bath water, I add a drop to jojoba oil and use it as a daily moisturizer (rosacea no more!), I distill it at my desk to keep me calm during a busy day at work.  Sometimes, I just stroke the blossoms of the plant on my porch and inhale!

Lavender may also be useful with skin conditions, burns, bites, and other irritations.

A friend recently commented, after trying a Young Living lavender sample, that “it didn’t smell like the lavender I’m used to”.  I explained that the “lavender” she was used to is not really lavender – it is a manufactured aroma that is used in bath products, candles, etc. and is very sweet and “perfumey”.  This is not your mother’s lavender!  After years of using pure lavender, the manufactured “mall shop” lavender fragrance is offensive to me.  Give me a “stick your nose in a lavender plant” aroma any day and I’m a happy lady!

Questions?  Contact us for more information about how to purchase Young Living lavender (and other high grade, therapeutic essential oils).