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Another new Young Living product, recently released at the 2017 Convention.
AlkaLime now comes in convenient single-serve stick packs, so you can enjoy this mild, alkalinizing drink on the go. Keep a few in your purse, backpack, or at the office. The effervescing mix is formulated with Lemon and Lime essential oils, organic lemon powder, and biochemical mineral cell salts to create a crisp and soothing beverage that’s gentle on stomachs. Simply empty a packet into 4–6 ounces of cool, pure water, then stir and enjoy. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Each year during the month of June, Young Living Essential Oils hosts an International Convention, usually in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the course of a week, many activities, excursions, and classes are offered, and enjoyed by thousands of people. And every year, sometime during the convention, Young Living announces brand new products, eagerly anticipated by everyone.

This year was no exception, and just a few days ago, a variety of new products were announced. We will cover them all during the next few days, and when you see any that interest you, let us know and we’ll hook you up.

This picture shows the entire range of new products for 2017, even a new diffuser.


One of the brand new Young Living products is Aminowise. It helps support muscles during and after exercise to fight fatigue and enhance recovery, reduces lactic acid formed by exercise, support hydration by replenishing important minerals, contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.


As far as the calendar is concerned, Summer is still a few days away. As far as the weather is concerned, Summer is already here, and has been for several weeks! In addition to the heat and humidity (depending on where you live), one of the biggest complaints we hear about is bugs, especially mosquitoes. One of the best known deterrents for bugs, no matter where you live in the world, is Citronella. It has other uses too, but take a look at these ideas for your 2017 Summer season, and of course, we always recommend Young Living Essential Oils, they’re a big part of our lives.


Add 5-6 drops of Young Living Cedarwood, Lavender, or Vetiver to a 1 oz spray bottle. Fill to the shoulder of the bottle with water and mist your pillow lightly before going to sleep.

Shake well before each use.

Aches & Pains?
Most people know what it feels like after a work out, a run, or sometimes, just everyday life aches and pains. Check this out, Young Living’s “Deep Relief” is a blend of four pure grade essential oils contained in a convenient roll top applicator to carry with you for whenever you need it. Try it, you’ll never want to be without it!
This time it’s all about the feet…well, the toes!
Many people, male and female, enjoy a regular pedicure. If you plan on having one, we recommend that you do this the day before the pedicure. Other than a pedicure, see what our graphic says about enjoying this after a shower of bath.
In addition, Tea Tree is an incredible way to take care of toe nail fungus. After a bath or shower, just add a couple of drops to the affected toe nail, making sure the drops get applied to the top edge of, and behind the nail, it works wonders!