Over the past several months, there has been much talk about mosquitoes, viruses, effective ways to eradicate the mosquitoes, the subsequent killing of millions of bees as a side effect of spraying, and the list goes on.
We found an interesting article via the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and it mentioned the use of several essential oils in relation to keeping the mosquitoes at bay, in and around our personal homes, so what better place to start? One of our favorite essential oils is Young Living’s Clary Sage, so happy “bug battling!” In addition to the information below, you could also consider using Clary Sage in a diffuser on your outside deck or porch.
“Clary Sage Essential Oil
This lovely, floral essential oil is known for its uplifting and mood balancing properties. But clary sage also has a serious side and can terrorize mosquitoes.
How to use your clary sage essential oil: Blend into an aromatic room spray or in a diffuser. It’s also an ideal oil for winding down after a long day. So if you find yourself getting “bugged” before bed, try mixing three to four drops of clary sage essential oil into your diffuser to place on your bedside table.”

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