One of our favorite oils is Peace and Calming.  We use it some nights before bed (in a diffuser or by rubbing it between palms and smelling it,) it helps so much with relaxation and sleep.   There’s so much to continue learning with the oils, but I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

We’ve been using Young Living essential oils for close to two years now and we love them.  They’ve become a regular part of our life and we’re so excited to share them with you.

So why Young Living and not other brands?

We had used a variety of other essential oil brands before, mostly store bought, and never had the results we have with Young Living.   We believe in Young Living, their incredible therapeutic-grade essential oils and their purpose to bring wellness and abundance to the world.  We believe in their integrity and desire to provide the best possible 100% therapeutic grade essential oils for their members. We are so thankful to have chosen this essential oil company for our family.


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