Citrus delights

Citrus Fresh

Why do we love lemon and other citrus essential oils?  Did you know that lemons (and limes) contain a higher level of vitamins and minerals than any other food?  Both oils are full of antioxidant properties that cleanse and purify.  A drop of lemon in your daily water (always use a glass container when using citrus oils) will assist in creating an alkaline environment in your body – good for your health!

Young Living’s Citrus Fresh essential oil blend contains lemon oil as well as mandarin, grapefruit, tangerine, orange and spearmint.  You can put a few drops in water for a natural sport drink that contains natural electrolytes.  Try adding a few drops to water for a tasty and healthy popsicle treat!

We love to diffuse lemon and Citrus Fresh in our home.  They both freshen the air and encourage a calm, uplifted mood and can improve concentration.

You can make your own cleaner using lemon essential oil with:  6 oz distilled white vinegar, 6 oz distilled water, 10 drops of Lemon Essential oil, 12 drops of Lavender Essential oil.  Mix together in a glass spray bottle – shake well before each use.

Want some?  We can hook you up!  Contact us for more information about these and other high quality, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils.

Cautions:  Do not use on infants and very small children. If pregnant, check with your physician before using. Citrus oils are very photo-sensitive, so use caution when applying to skin and do not expose to sunlight for 24-78 hours after application to skin.

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