Power Juice!

Okay, so the title of this post might seem a little dramatic, but that’s how we feel about NingXia Red around here. We have been drinking this for the past month or so, and feel great. We have more energy and would drink it by the bottle if we could. However, we only need around 1 oz a day, sometimes we have 2 oz’s, and just look at what 1 oz is the equivalent to, add to the fact, it is 100% delicious.

We drink it chilled, each morning, at breakfast time. We know people who take the convenient 2 oz packets to school, work, wherever, just so they have NingXia Red close by during the day. We offer the convenience of glass (not plastic,) bottles, or the convenient 2 oz packets. Either way, you’ll be sure of getting your daily NingXia Red.


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