Recent Oily Adventures

Today, while getting a mani-pedi, my regular technician commented that my skin looks better and asked what I have been doing differently.  I thought about it for a minute, and then realized that since I saw her last (about a month ago), I have been adding Young Living lavender oil to my skin care routine.  I add a couple of drops to jojoba oil morning and night after cleansing my face and apply to my face and neck.  Interestingly, she was referring to my hands and arms and I realized that I always massage the excess there when I have finished with my face and neck.  Small lines around my mouth have diminished, my rosacea has all but disappeared, and my hands and arms are soft and younger looking!  I’m 62 years old, so “old hands” have long been a concern of mine….but apparently, my new routine has improved this to the point of it being apparent to my manicurist!

Another recent “adventure” involved Young Living Thieves oil.  Earlier this week, I was brushing my teeth and carelessly scraped my lower gums with my toothbrush (I know you have all done it!).  By the following day (yesterday), my gum was swollen and sore.  I placed a tiny drop of Thieves on a cotton swab and rubbed it gently around the sore area.  Yes, it tasted yucky and was a bit “hot” when applied, but within an hour, the swelling was gone and the soreness was a distant memory!  Today, I can feel just a little roughness where the brush scraped off tissue, but there is zero discomfort or swelling.

When strong low or high pressure systems are approaching, I will often feel it in my feet.  This happened earlier this week and I decided to mix Young Living Panaway blend with some jojoba oil and also added a couple of drops of peppermint.  I massaged this on the bottom of my feet and around and between each toe.  Within a very short time, I had a smile back on my face and no more foot pain!  The benefit of applying oils to feet is that the feet are the gateway to energy flow throughout our entire body, so I know that the oils were finding their way to other areas that were needing some attention as well!    No pain meds required!

I am using my oils intuitively.  Our bodies generally know what they need, so learn to listen to that “still, small voice”.  None of this is meant to suggest “cures” – just what is working for me!



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